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Synthesis essay prompt Gender unit

Please submit through Turnitin by 1/12/20 midnight as Canvas will not let me upload documents before spring semester starts.

Class ID:21291866                 Password: AP2019

HERE is the link to all the articles. Must be signed in to CVUHSD to access.

AP Lang 2019 summer reading

Please read the directions and ask a friend if you are unclear. Some clarifications below:
1) For assignment 1, all you need to do is memorize the words. There will be a quiz the first day of class.
2) You only need to pick one from from List A OR List B. List A are American autobiographies/memoirs. List B are American non-fictions. Take notes in the book as you are reading. If you bought the book, write in it. If not, you need to take notes on a separate sheet of paper or on post-it notes. You may also do a minimum of 15 dialectical journals to replace these notes.
Sample dialectical journal (please log into CVUHSD email to view)
3) Answer the questions for assignment 2 AFTER you have finished the book. These questions cannot be substituted by other questions/assignments. This assignment is due June 30th.
4) Use your notes from the book (or dialectical journals) to write your essay. You need to analyze the type of writing strategies the author uses to convey his ideas. This assignment is due July 28th. To help you get started, here is a link of rhetorical strategies you may use. We will be learning about these (plus more) during the year:
5) Turnitin information: Please use this account in order to turn in all your summer assignments. There are two due dates: June 30th and July 28th.

Make an account on

Enter the following information

Class ID:21291866                 Password: AP2019

MUST SUBMIT ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE. Please plan accordingly with your travels and other summer plans. 

Yosemite packing list english

-Please bring some money so that if the driver takes a break to put in gas, you can get some food at a fast food restaurant. We will not be providing breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Yosemite will provide dinner.
-You can bring snacks for the bus (bring hand sanitizer and pick up your trash).
-Bring shower slippers (sandals you can wear in the shower)
-Bring money if you want to buy souvenirs.

i'm a black daughter of the confederacy

1) What is the claim/argument of the article.
2) Make a connection between this article and Harriet Jacob's story. What does slavery do to families? Use textual evidence.
3) Make a connection between this article and Equiano's story. Use textual evidence or specific example.
4) What is your opinion about the statues? What should be done?

Per 2 , 5 Socractic seminar


—Sentence 1: start with your own claim before you entered the Socratic Seminar

—Sentence 2: Use a quote from Outliers that supports your claim

—Sentence 3: Introduce how the information you learned from the Socratic seminar qualify, refine, extend, or complicated your thinking. This can be a quote that someone brought up or an idea that a student discussed in the group

—Sentence 4-5: Analyze what the connection is, illustrate HOW they are connected in that way, and discuss the significance of their connection(the WHY).