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First Day for Incoming 9th Graders- August 15th, 2018 10:00 a.m.
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Yosemite packing list english

-Please bring some money so that if the driver takes a break to put in gas, you can get some food at a fast food restaurant. We will not be providing breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Yosemite will provide dinner.
-You can bring snacks for the bus (bring hand sanitizer and pick up your trash).
-Bring shower slippers (sandals you can wear in the shower)
-Bring money if you want to buy souvenirs.

i'm a black daughter of the confederacy

1) What is the claim/argument of the article.
2) Make a connection between this article and Harriet Jacob's story. What does slavery do to families? Use textual evidence.
3) Make a connection between this article and Equiano's story. Use textual evidence or specific example.
4) What is your opinion about the statues? What should be done?

Per 2 , 5 Socractic seminar


—Sentence 1: start with your own claim before you entered the Socratic Seminar

—Sentence 2: Use a quote from Outliers that supports your claim

—Sentence 3: Introduce how the information you learned from the Socratic seminar qualify, refine, extend, or complicated your thinking. This can be a quote that someone brought up or an idea that a student discussed in the group

—Sentence 4-5: Analyze what the connection is, illustrate HOW they are connected in that way, and discuss the significance of their connection(the WHY).