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Applying to College

UC Application:

CSU Application:

The Common App:

Supplements: To view which schools on the Common App require an additional supplement you can view this supplement list:

All Requirements: This complete chart lists the requirements for all schools on the Common App (note: using the search and sort features will make it easier to navigate):

Things you should know about Common App Online

•PLEASE NOTE: Once you sign the FERPA waiver, YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR ANSWER. Please make sure you are absolutely sure BEFORE you answer this question. We advise all students to check "Yes, I waive my right." If you mark "No, I do not waive my right" colleges will not consider it confidential and it may hurt the credibility of the letter. If you, or your parents, have questions or concerns, please contact your counselor.
•Be sure to review the "Instructions" section before completing your application. This section has several video tutorials and links to other helpful resources.
•Common App will only allow you to apply to 20 schools. Choose wisely.
•You can create alternative versions of your application allowing you to submit different versions for different schools.
•For most schools you must complete payment for a school before you can submit the application (see payments tab). Make sure you complete all 3 submissions: application, payment, and supplement. Yale may take 3 days to process payment.
•Be sure to personally ask a teacher to write your letter before entering their email to send the request through the website.
•Please be sure to spell your counselor's email address and name correctly.
Be sure to check out this helpful video tutorial:

This Deadlines and Requirements grid tells you what is required and when:
(click "Instructions" link for an explanation of terms)

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Please see Mr. Perez in the College and Career Center for further information and fee waivers.
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