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The PSAT 8/9 is administered to 9th graders in October.
The PSAT is administered to 10th and 11 graders in October. 

 for more information on how to Prepare for the PSAT and free test prep from Khan Academy. 

How to View Scores:
From This Website:

Or, Using a Confirmation Email
If the student provided their email address during testing, a message will be sent to that email address when the scores are ready. Once you get the confirmation email:
REMEMBER: Keep track of all your usernames and passwords!!! Students will need to access this account again to sign up to take the SAT and to have their scores sent when they apply to colleges next year.
What should you do now? 
  • Use the free test prep materials from Khan Academy to prepare for the SAT.
    • Link your CollegeBoard account to Khan Academy for free personalized test prep based on your PSAT scores. 
  • How Students Link Their College Board and Khan Academy Accounts:

    1. Go to Create an account on Khan Academy or sign in to their existing account.
    2. When prompted, agree to link their Khan Academy and College Board accounts.
    3. Send their scores.

    Watch this video to learn how students can link their accounts.

    If you need help troubleshooting the process:

    • If your students took a PSAT-related exam, watch this video about how to access those scores to troubleshoot your students' College Board accounts.
    • You can also call Customer Service for help at: 1-866-433-7728.

    Option B: Students Can Take Diagnostic Quizzes

    If students don't have scores to share, they can still get personalized practice at by taking a few short quizzes on the site.

    We recommend you take them in March, May or June 2018. You can register now, using the CollegeBoard account you just created.
  • Consider taking the exam again in August, October or November.

Other helpful information:
Click here to see a list of colleges that require or recommend SAT Subject Tests.
Click here to see a list of test optional schools.