This document will help students keep track of the activities performed every year. 


It is recommended for students to keep a copy in their binder and fill in as the students get involved.


Students will be able to record awards/honors received, athletics, extracurricular activities: clubs/organizations inside and/or outside of school. 


Students will also be able to track their community service hours performed for the year. 


Remember: university admissions and scholarship committees expect 9th and 10th graders to explore and join clubs/organizations/sports offered by your school or outside of the school count as well.

11th and 12th graders are expected to hold leadership roles in the athletic teams/clubs/organizations, for example: treasurer, historian, secretary, vice president, or president.


If you would like to start your own club/organization (admission officers really take this into consideration when reviewing applications) then, you will need 5-7 students who are ready to join, and an advisor (can be a teacher, counselor, or an administrator) who agrees to supervise/assist with meetings/fundraising, etc. For more information, please contact the Activities Director at your school.  


This is the same format students will need to use when reporting the information for university admissions and scholarships. 


Joining a sport, taking Honors/AP classes, excelling academically (nothing lower than a C but preferably A's and B's only), holding leadership roles in clubs/organizations and conducting community service will make you more competitive, have higher chances of getting into the university of your choice, receive scholarships and even a full-ride (all expenses paid).


At the end of each school year, students should add all this information to their Brag Sheet (document used at the end of their 11th grade/beginning of 12th grade to request letters of recommendation) and upload it to your CCGI My Plan - under documents. 


Download word document to type on the form. 

Download PDF document to print.