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Welcome to the web page for Mr. Hiller's Multimedia Careers classes. Check out the latest photos and videos MCA students are producing on and off campus. We are linking the classroom to the community by collaborating with community members and small businesses throughout the South Bay.


Mr. Hiller


Childhood Pictures; Memories

Photo classes click on the file and see the assignment and article on childhood/baby photos. You'll be able to share you thoughts and memories. Use Google Docs and share it to me. Complete this assignment with the sub for 50 points.

Multicam:How to Video

Use this demo video to learn how to build a multicam clip. Follow along with the footage I will provide to you through Google Drive or server.

Creating a Collage

How to use Photoshop to create a collage to display your photo shoot in the style of a famous photographer. Pick 3-6 pictures you shot. Copy and paste them on to a new Photoshop document sized at 20 wide x 15 tall at 200 resolution. Use command T to transform the image to make it larger or smaller. Put a title with your Photographer's name ( Example: Ansel Adams Style by Sean Hiller).
Flatten the image by going to the "Layer" menu and drop down to flatten. Then go to save as and save as a JPG. Then share it to me at [email protected]

What if a Building Could Change a School....

Advanced Video Production students take a look at how new buildings at Leuzinger have made it more like a college campus. Diego Jimenez and Hector Gonzalez were honored by the Board of Education Oct. 14th for their work and leadership throughout the production.

Diego Jimenez's award winning video on a day in the life of a photojournalist

Diego Jimenez's award winning video on a day in the life of a photojournalist took first place in the ConnectEd Studios Spring 2014 Day in the Life Contest.