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I want to remind you that you will be taking a comprehensive final exam the week of January19th.  

If you have been keeping an organized notebook, great job! You can use all of your Cornell notes to study for the exam and on the day of the exam. The notes must be your own, and handwritten.
No pictures, copies or print-outs of any notes will be allowed.

Use this week to organize your notebook in chronological order beginning with August.

Spanish 2, you may also use your own corrected quizzes on the test. : )

Spanish 2 Class Page

Spanish 3 Class Page


Ms. Ramirez


Hour of Code

Ever wonder how your favorite apps work?
I will be hosting an Hour of code workshop on Monday December 7th from 3-4pm for any World Language student interested in learning about the languages of computer programs.
Learn about different types of languages or experiment by writing code for Flappy Birds or Minecraft!
No experience necessary.

Deadline to submit missed assignments

Please continue to check Power School for feedback on quizzes, projects, homework and in-class practice assignments. You may submit assignments up until Friday 11/20/15 for partial credit. After the 20th, I will no longer accept any assignment you did not complete. Any grade of M (missing) will become a 0.

Save the Date: Friday October 2nd 2015

Movie Night
We will be watching the 2006 film Bella, winner of several awards including an Alma award for outstanding performance of a lead Latino/a cast in a motion picture.
Popcorn and light snacks will be available.

Team Scavenger Hunt

Your first group project and presentation is due in class Monday August 31st.
You may submit project on paper in a presentation binder or by neatly attaching your items onto the same sized paper and organizing them in a  folder or using presentation software like Powerpoint or Prezi


To all my students I want to thank you for a wonderful year and wish you a restful, enjoyable summer break!

To the seniors especially, I recently heard a song title Momentos by Reik that made me immediately think of you. I want to wish you all the best in your future. I especially hope that you will always have the courage to hold on to hope and never let a moment be lost to fear or sadness.  As the song says “Se que vendrán tristezas y miedos y pensaras que no puedes continuar, pero al final, tu escribes tus sueños. No dejes que nada se robo el color de tu vida…” Se las dedico a ustedes con todo mi cariño. ¡Buena suerte y ánimo!