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"Reality check...where do you stand?
Activity & Eating: Linking Together for Optimal Health and Fitness is a activity booklet provided by the Dairy Council, to help students and families make healthy food choices and become more physically active, you can feel better, improve your health, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight."

"TeenBEAT is the online version and is an Exercise & Activity Tracker. The quiz will help you decide if you are active enough, whether through sports, formal exercise or simple fun activities." There is a link for adults on the home page.
"Eating too much sugar is a major contributor to overweight and obesity, especially for LA County’s children. Sugar-loaded drinks, such as sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, and even sweetened teas and fruit juices, are a large part of the problem. How much sugar are you drinking?"
This site is all about eating right maintaining a healthy lifestyle for students and their families, in English and Spanish!