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Clase de espanol de Sra. Diaz


Welcome to my school page. I am a native speaker of Spanish and I have been teaching for a few years here at Leuzinger. I love learning languages, It's not only fun, but it opens up opportunities for learning and experiences. Besides Spanish, I speak French and know a few words of Italian and fewer words in German.

I hope you enjoy learning a new language, or getting better at the one you already speak. Looking forward to being your teacher and to a great year. "manos a la obra".



Hello everyone, 
Welcome to my page. I will post homework, projects and important reminders here. So stay tuned. 

A.P.Spanish Summer assignments

Please e-mail Ms. Diaz at [email protected] to receive further information regarding your Summer assignments.  You must log-on to Edmodo.com and then Shmoop.com.  Please be aware that these assignments have deadlines.