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About Us

The Leuzinger High School Multimedia Careers Academy (MCA) is an Arts, Media, and Entertainment- based California Partnership Academy. MCA students travel through four years of classes together beginning in the 9th; in 11th they choose to focus on one of three pathways: digital photography, 3D/game design, or digital video production. In addition to these electives, students enroll in core academic, which enables academy teachers to collaborate and integrate multimedia into the curriculum. MCA students are also exposed to industry guest speakers and field trips and participate in mentorships in 11th grade and internships in 12th grade. The MCA provides a relevant and supportive learning environment in which students develop 21st century skills, academic success, and strong relationships with teachers, peers, and the professional community.

Career Pathways

The Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector offers a broad range of employment opportunities. The variety of careers in this sector can accommodate different personalities ranging from eccentric actresses and professional gamers to multi-tasking managers. The Multimedia Careers Academy focuses on:

Media and Design Arts Pathway

This pathway includes occupations that use tools and materials as the primary means of creative expression.

Artists and photographers use visual mediums as their tools in the same way writers, poets, and publishers use written mediums. The electronic and aural fields used in this pathway are constantly changing as technology evolves, requiring continuing studies to keep up. With the increasing use of art and design elements in daily life, the demand for jobs in this pathway will continue to grow.

Industry Partnerships

  • Kinecta Federal Credit Union
  • Rebel Media
  • Daily Breeze
  • The Art Institute, Los Angeles
  • Diamond Game Enterprises
  • Jajaira Corria, Camera Operator
  • Larissa Underwood Block, Photographer
  • Eddie Blandon, Graphic Designer
  • Lawndale Cable
  • Columbia College

Graduate Careers

  • Graphic Designers
  • Fine Artists
  • Media and Design Arts Technicians
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Camera Operators
  • Animators

Mission Statement

The Multimedia Careers Academy is a community of critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and technological artists. The students work and create collaboratively to progress individually, artistically, and academically.

Pathway Curriculum

Drawing and Digital Art

Introduction to Media Arts
World History

Digital Photography or
Digital Video Production I or
Digital Media Arts
English 11
U.S History
Algebra II


Digital Video Production II

Game Art Development

English 12



Academy Statistics

MCA graduation rate: 96%


Adrian Galera, Diego Jimenez, Hector Gonzalez, Anthony Bibian, Pablo Valdes, Jacobey Young, Ahmad Taylor, Alejandro Valle, Vishal Kapoor and Edward Juarez are all actively working as visual artist as they attend college or trade school.