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August 2017


Dear Leuzinger Family:


Welcome back to Leuzinger High School for the 2017-2018 school year.  I hope you had a restful summer break and are ready to return to school.  I am thrilled to continue to serve this community as the Principal of Leuzinger High School. As we move into the new school year, we will continue working to prepare our students to be global citizens and 21st century learners.  This means our students will understand the “big picture” of the world.  They will understand the interconnectedness of the world and how our actions and choices relative to the environment, technology, communication, and human beings affect not only us, but those around us.   

Students, as we move into another school year I would like for you to know the following:

  • Leuzinger High School staff is committed to ensuring our students have the necessary education and skills to be productive members of society.  This includes ensuring students have the opportunities to complete the coursework required to enter into a college or career college and also having a foundation to move into the workforce if that is the path chosen.
  • ALL staff is here to support you and encourage you to be a lifelong learner, to explore the various opportunities available beyond high school, and to grow as a person.
  • In starting off this school year, we will continue with our format from last year.  On the first day, ALL STUDENTS will get a “Welcome to Leuzinger” and a message about “The Leuzinger Way”. ALL STUDENTS are expected to arrive at school for an 8am start.

Parents, it is an absolute privilege to be able to continue to work with your student(s). We appreciate you entrusting your students to us and we will do everything we can to make sure they are successful here at Leuzinger High School. To help support both your student and Leuzinger High School, please partner with us in your student’s education by assisting with the following:

  • Ensure your students show up on time
  • help students plan and carryout a schedule for doing their homework
  • Students will need their I.D. cards for entering and exiting campus

We are excited about the upcoming school year. Serving as the Principal at Leuzinger High is as great an honor as it is a responsibility. We ask that all members of our Learning Community walk through our doors with an attitude that will allow us to embrace and meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive and nurturing environment.


Olympians, I am confident you will find the support you will need on your educational journey here at Leuzinger High School. Remember, success begins with you.  Set a goal, achieve it, and guess what? Success can become a habit! Hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude can take you a long way.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (310) 263-2201.


Your Principal,

Dr. Pam Brown

Dr. Pam Brown