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Our Yearbook staff (Mr. Teichmann  and his student staff) will be building the Yearbook.  Every student at Leuzinger High School will be part of the Yearbook for the 2020-2021 school year.  Whether you are an entering Freshman or veteran Senior you have the opportunity to both purchase and contribute to our Yearbook.  You will be immortalized in these pages and in years to come you will be able to open our yearbook and recall memories, images, classmates, and our campus. 

The link below will take you to our yearbook link that will show all students what images and stories we are looking for to complete this year’s book.

Leuzinger Yearbook information

All Leuzinger students have the ability to submit pictures with a caption.  Please remember that we only accept a positive, funny, and inspirational image with captions that use professional language (no profanity or lude comments) Any student that violates that policy will be contacted by school officials.

The following links will allow you to either uploads those images & captions via desktop/laptop computer, or you can download the mobile app for Android and Apple devices.




Mobile Apps

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