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This Week's Bulletin (Week of August 25th)
La Marcha del Millón de Padres
El lunes 8 de septiembre es La Marcha del Millón de Padres en Leuzinger HS. Les invitamos tanto a padres como a otros varones responsables por la familia a encaminar a sus hijos a la escuela este día. Cuando los hombres de la familia y la comunidad se involucran en la educación de sus hijos, los hijos mejoran en la escuela.
Million Father March
Monday, September 8 is Million Father March at Leuzinger HS. We are encouraging fathers and other significant male caregivers to take their children to school on this day. When men are involved in the educational lives of their children, children perform better in school.
School Calendar
Attached is the school calendar showing Olympian Days Tuesday and Thursday (O) 1,3,5,7 - Spirit Days Wednesday and Friday (S) 2,4, 6,8 - Collaboration Days - (C) most Mondays, Minimum Days (m), and Holidays (H). The (W) and (SD) days are student free days.
2014 Summer Reading (English 9-12, AP Language, AP Literature)
Please complete the attached summer reading assignment.
Leuzinger High Scholarship Winners (Daily Breeze Article)
Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF/LCAP) Information
2013 Fall Tennis Tournament Slideshow
Request to See Counselor (FORM)
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Donna McCoy
(Last names A - Da) Phone: (310) 263-2224

Judy Grood
(Last names Db - K) Phone: (310) 263-2223

Lorraine Parsons
(Last names L - Q) Phone: (310) 263-2229

Carol Erickson
(Last names R - Z) Phone: (310) 263-2225

Cesar Perez
(Career Counselor)

College & Career Readiness Academies

Advanced Academics Academy

The AAA is a high quality program offering high achieving Leuzinger students the AP classes to qualify them to earn the prestigious AP International Diploma. This academy provides students with a solid academic foundation and prepares them to be highly qualified for the universities of their choice. All AAA students receive an iPad for use at school and home.

Culinary Careers Academy

The Leuzinger High School Culinary Careers Academy provides students with relevant and integrated learning opportunities focused on food, nutrition, fitness, and the hospitality industry.

Environmental Careers Academy

The Environmental Careers Academy is a community of learners dedicated to preserving the environment and being agents of change through sustainable design. Students prepare for green careers through interpreting and analyzing environmental, political, and socioeconomic issues embedded within a supportive and integrated educational environment.

Multimedia Careers Academy

The Multimedia Careers Academy is a community of critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and technological artists. The students work and create collaboratively to progress individually, artistically, and academically.


Mr. Mike Ono, Principal

Dr. Pamela Brown, Associate Principal

Dr. Howard Ho, Associate Principal

Dr. Karma Nicolis, Associate Principal

PSAT Student Guide

Leuzinger's WASC Self Study 2012-13