Romo, Jose Antonio » Bienvenidos sean todos ustedes

Bienvenidos sean todos ustedes

Here's a poem in Spanish:

Por los caminos he andado
sin importar la jornada
quiza te he dicho mi hermano
el misterio sin palabras

huele humedo el hogar
brisa baña mi cara gris
ahoga mi pena el caminar
revive el alma verte a ti

roza el cutis de la rosa
alba agoniza y naces tú
juegas entre las tinieblas
huellas dejas, preciosa

This is the translation:

Among the roads I've walked
with no journey in front
I have told you my brother
mistery with words

my home smells humid
mist showers my grey face
walking drowns my feet
but seeing you brings me to life

the rose caresses my cheek
and you are born at the breeak of dawn
you play in the middle of the dark
and leave footprints, my precious


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