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Academy Outcomes

CCA Graduate Profile Pathway Outcomes (Effective Communicators)

Students will be able to articulate complex and extensive culinary-based ideas and information through food preparation and instruction, written analysis and industry documents, various forms of multimedia, and interactions in professional settings.


CCA Graduate Profile Pathway Outcomes (Socially Aware and Responsive Community Members)

CCA graduates will use their understanding of health and nutrition to positively impact the health of their families and communities.  CCA graduates will understand the positive outcomes of supporting their local economies by utilizing products and food provided by local farms, local farmers markets, and small business vendors within their communities.


CCA Graduate Profile Pathway Outcomes (College and Career Ready)

Students will utilize systems thinking to complete a 4-Year High School Graduation Plan demonstrated by preparing a complete resume and personal statements supported by a portfolio reflecting work from their entire high school career. CCA graduates will have mastered goal-setting behaviors through a culinary career lens to be prepared for and fulfill the requirements of personally created college and/or career plans.


CCA Graduate Profile Pathway Outcomes (Ethical Leaders)

Students will be able to prepare and evaluate food based on appropriate sources for a healthy lifestyle, understand the complex food and hospitality industries, and be aware of the social responsibility to the community through local restaurants, jobs and nutritious choices.


CCA Pathway Outcome: (Independent and Collaborative Critical Thinkers and Problem-Solvers)

Students will exercise critical thinking skills to independently and collaboratively address different benefits and drawbacks within the food industry, the influence of technology on food and consumers, and customer based situations involving hospitality management.