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MCA Vision


•All MCA students will graduate high school and be eligible for a 4-year university. CAHSEE and CST proficiency rates will increase by 10% each year. 100% of MCA students will be prepared for post-secondary education and career placement.

•The MCA will provide students with access to cutting-edge technology and software including, but not limited to: new iMac computers, Final Cut Pro, ComicLife, Adobe Creative Suite, and Autodesk Animation Academy.

•All MCA students will develop a portfolio, which will include all academic information, samples of student work, field experience documentation, and awards and/or certification.

•MCA students will achieve academic, career technical, and personal success through specific support strategies such as grade-level academic advisors, after school clubs and tutoring, field trips, guest speakers, and the MCA Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO).

•An advisory board comprised of teachers, administration, community members, parents, and business leaders will guide students in academic and career decisions, as well as provide students with work experience.

•The Leuzinger High School Multimedia Careers Academy will be respected in the local and surrounding academic and career technical communities for transforming a traditionally struggling school. The MCA will represent Leuzinger High School’s ability to nurture students with strong 21st century career and college skills.