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Code of Conduct

Olympians are expected to:
  1. Attend school every day and be on time to all classes.
  2. Participate fully in all learning activities.
  3. Dedicate two hours each night to homework and studying.
  4. Develop long term plans that include college and career goals.
  5. Read for pleasure in a book each day for thirty minutes.
Olympians Dress Code:
  1. Headgear may be worn outside on campus, however any headgear with profanity or inappropriate images may not be worn at all. Headgear should not be worn in the classroom unless it is medically necessary. 
  2. No bare-midriff tops or other revealing styles may be worn. 
  3. No clothing or items associated with gangs, taggers, crews, posses, or any non-school clubs. (This may include
    colored shoelaces, gloves, bandannas, or rags ) 
  4. Clothing that is vulgar, displays profanity, promotes violence, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or sexual content may not be worn. 
  5. No Chains or spikes of any kind. 
  6. Pants and shorts must be worn above the hips, no sagging. 
Olympian Behavior Codes:
  1. Follow all campus rules and classroom policies including the cell phone and attendance policy.
  2. Act in a manner that shows respect for self and others.
  3. Keep our campus clean by disposing of trash properly.
  4. With the exception of bottled water, absolutely no food, candy or drink is allowed in classrooms.
Consequences for non-Olympian behavior:
  1. Dress code violators will be required to change and serve detention.
  2. Cell phones and any other prohibited items may be confiscated and held until a conference with parents is held.
  3. Suspension will result from habitual misbehavior as determined by an administrator or designee.
  4. Suspension, citations, arrest and/or expulsion will result from threats, fighting, and possession of alcohol/illegal drugs, gambling, truancy, gang activity, smoking, vandalism, theft or possession of a weapon. 
Daily Attendance
Dear Parents and Students,
             Please be advised that California state law requires children under the age of eighteen to be enrolled and present at school everyday. Parents are legally mandated to ensure that their children are able and equipped to get to school on time each day of the school year (CA Ed. Code 48260). Additionally, public schools are funded by the state based on the average number or students present at school each day. As such, students are legally obligated to do all that is in their power to punctually arrive at and attend each class everyday of the school year (CA Ed. Code 48260). In cases where parents and/or students abandon these state mandated attendance requirements, both school officials and local law enforcement are empowered to progressively implement punitive measures to ensure that children are not denied their civil right to a free and fair public education. Some of these punitive measures employed at Leuzinger High School include, but are not limited to:
1) Leuzinger High School’s “NO GO” List: students with 10+ unexcused absences/tardies per quarter will not be permitted to participate in any extra curricular events until the completion of the following quarter
2) Students with 21 consecutive unexcused full-day absences will be dis-enrolled from Leuzinger High School
3) Students whom are tardy to class may be swept up at anytime by school safety and administration to remain in the guidance room for the duration of the period they were tardy
4) In House all day suspensions
5) Student Attendance Review Team meetings with school administrators and parents
6) Student Attendance Review Board meetings with school administrators, parents, and local law enforcement
7) Truancy citation of $350.00, issued to the student and/or the parent/guardian, by either Lawndale Sherriff’s Department or Hawthorne Police Department
                In order to avoid any of the above punitive measures, please ensure that your children are present to each period, each and every school day. On occasion when a student has a legitimate verifiable reason to be absent (i.e. medical procedures, court proceedings, family tragedies, serious illness, etc.), parents/guardians should call the Attendance Office that day to inform the school. The phone numbers are (310) 263-2231 and (310) 263-2232. Without a parent/guardian phone call the day of the absence, students have 5 school days from their return to bring documentation of their absence to the attendance office (Room 111). Without a parent/guardian phone call or official documentation brought to the Attendance Office within 5 days, the absence will be recorded as an unexcused absence and/or truancy. Students’ presence in class is the first step towards inspiring meaningful learning, forging a positive school climate, and fostering rewarding relationships between students, families, and educators. Thank you for your efforts to be present at school everyday.