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English 9 LTEL

Our values dictate the leaders we become.  My upbringing taught me to value community and citizenship and I have come to value these things as an educator as well. I believe that relationships affect learning. An educator’s relationship with her students impact their educational experience. It is equally important for students to develop relationships with each other as they move through course content together.


Academic success is much more than just classroom curriculum, just as success in any subject of study is much more than what can be found in a textbook. Collaboration and elevated academic discourse bring about new waves of thought and enlightenment. My communication studies background gives me a unique perspective on the use of language, literature, and rhetoric.


In addition to teaching, I continue to work in the communication and leadership field. I continually employ communication methods I have learned to find new and innovative ways to introduce curriculum to my students. I am passionate about the education of one’s character along with academics. I am zealous in fostering growth in others, and eager to be a catalyst for the affectation of positive change in our world.  I look forward to working with my students this year in a course that is designed to survey world literature, build skills for college and career, and explore ideas and themes to expand personal perspective.

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